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Audition Coaching

All we are attempting to do is convince someone(s) that their words, production, character are better served with you rather than the person sitting immediately to your left. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don't. And often when we don't it's due to mitigating factors such as; age, height, race or even sex as much as anything else. So if we can't control what is out of our control (height, weight, appearance, age etc....) then what can we control? Our readiness. I believe objectives, intentions, analysis etc... and the like leads you to connect to whatever it is you're saying and that is going to carry you through the day. If you're connected, you're authentic. And if you're authentic, then you're real. And if you're real well then

anything is possible. My process is to get you to a place where you're living and breathing the part such that when you leave "the room", you leave it complete. You've given them something to think about. The rest is up to them.

Born in Boston, Massachusettes Brendan grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. He trained at Concordia University's Department of Theatre, where he specialized in performance, and graduated with a BFA (honors.) Brendan then moved to Pennsylvania where he performed with the Crown and City players before returning to Vancouver in pursuit of a film and television career. Agent Pendrell (recurring X Files), Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Psych, Stargate SG-1 and Dark Angel are but a few of the over fifty credits he assembled while living there. He now resides in Toronto, Ontario where Reacher (Amazon) The Boys (Amazon) Star Trek Voyager (CBS), Murdoch Mysteries and Orphan Black among others, have since come calling. Currently recurring on CBC's Pretty Hard Cases, Mr. Beiser is now thrilled to have two children, a fantastic partner and one dog in his life. His mother says he's good at what he does and if you can't trust his mother.... 

I believe we already know everything there is to know, we just don't know it. I mean you've somehow made it this far in life so you must be doing something right. Flawed, volatile, expressive , loving, name it, the characters we play are it. In other words they are human! It's just a question of figuring out what makes their heart beat. And what better guide map than the text that lays in front of us. In fact in most cases it's all we have to go on. So breaking down the text, improvising around what's there and/or drawing on personal experiences are the core themes I work with to get you to where you want to go. From there we create a flushed out character that lives and breathes and speaks as effortlessly as you do. By the time you hit the audition or set your choices are grounded, the words your own, and you're free and present. 

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